Consulting Services Designed To Deliver Results

Team Up With Our Staffing, Managed Services And Technical Experts

When we work with your organization, we want to elevate our consulting services above the standard approach other firms offer. We work with our clients to create strong working relationships, assigning dedicated teams that are able to work seamlessly with your own team.

Our consulting services cover the full range of our core expertise – from staffing and software implementations to the optimization and management of technology environments. We’ve consulted with our clients on how to implement strategic diversity initiatives, offered objective third-party advice on software selection, and helped set obtainable goals for staffing and managed services projects.

How We Deliver Results

We believe all successful projects start with developing a strong understanding of a company, its internal resources, and its goals. With your requirements in mind, we scope out the market and your competitors to identify the right strategy that not only delivers results, but also identifies any potential added value we can deliver.

Once we have a proposal in place, we conduct an optimization study to examine a company’s talent, technology, technique, and timing. Our study outlines all areas of improvement, from new technology and processes to a more strategic hiring strategy.

After a contract has been signed and we’ve successfully completed the project, we move into an intensive hyper-care period for 30 days where we work with our clients so they can take full advantage of the solutions we’ve implemented. Our team continues regular check-ins every 60 days for the first year.

Our Team Approach

We assign dedicated teams to provide end-to-end support for all our projects. In addition to this core team, we have a shared services team that can be accessed at any time to provide added value to our projects.

Our shared services team provides expertise and access to best-of-breed tools in business intelligence, call center support, project management, KPIs, and reporting, among other areas.

This shared services approach means that our project teams can easily pull in resources and tools to address issues and share expertise, ensuring that issues don’t derail project timelines.

Metrics For Success

Determining the success of a project doesn’t end with a successful go-live. We work with our clients to create a specific set of KPIs that go beyond the expected to target and measure results throughout the organization.

These KPIs are designed to not only gather data on concrete metrics such as time to run a report, but they also look at farther-reaching impacts such as the turnaround time between that completed report and all the other actions it impacts throughout the organization.

By gathering and analyzing this data, we’re able to give the client concrete data insights that demonstrate how the initiative is working and identify any areas for optimization.

Objective, Third-Party Expertise

Taking on a major software implementation is a major investment of time, budget, and resources. With so much at stake, bringing in an objective third party is a smart way to protect your investment.

Our team works with both your internal resources and the primary consultants to serve as a client advocate. We vet the proposal, offering our advice on how best to proceed. We can also supply staffing support if additional resources are needed to implement, support, and maintain the solution.