An Innovative New Approach to Business Process Outsourcing

eCo-op Solutions Center’s Diverse Workforce Delivers Efficiency, Cost Savings

The Brunswick Group is advancing business process outsourcing (BPO) with its newest service offering, The eCo-op Solutions Center.

Based in Nashville, TN, The eCo-op Solutions Center is a diverse onshore BPO center. It draws students from three historically black colleges and universities: Fisk University, Meharry Medical College, and Tennessee State University.

This enhanced BPO model allows companies that need BPO services to easily contract with a diverse talent base, meeting both their supplier and workforce diversity needs. Companies are able to nurture relationships with onshore technical resources while realizing both process efficiencies and cost savings.

Working flexible 4-hour shifts, the students build marketable skills, develop relationships with global clients, and finish their degrees while gaining real-world technical experience.

The Brunswick Group works with officials at Fisk University, using its years of experience to direct, train, and administer the Center’s team of college juniors and seniors.

The Center offers a full range of services, from standard call center support services to HR and more strategic BPO as well as a full slate of support services, ranging from issue triage in Tier 1 and troubleshooting in Tier 2 to comprehensive process reengineering and workflow analysis in Tier 3.

Clients of The eCo-op Solutions Center are already seeing significant savings. One major equipment manufacturer outsourced its warranty management resource center, using a team of engineering and business students to elevate their customer support and save the company $1 million.