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Managed Services Solutions That Deliver Efficiency, Performance And Cost Savings

With the demands placed on today’s IT resources, it’s difficult to manage, much less optimize, all the systems IT is responsible for. Bringing in an experienced managed services team can dramatically improve performance while cutting costs.

A managed services model introduces a number of benefits, including access to team members with more experience and knowledge, the ability to leverage performance monitoring and optimization tools, as well as the implementation of proven processes and best practices.


At The Brunswick Group, our Cybersecurity capabilities and expertise are designed to provide you with the ultimate protection and support for your business. Our main areas of focus include specialties in threat intelligence, threat detection, and incident response.

Our cybersecurity efforts cover you 24-hours-a-day, seven-days-a-week, and 52-week-per-year, providing total protection services and monitoring. A few of the many services include:

  • Supporting ongoing design, network monitoring, and security event analysis
  • Supporting email security, conducting vulnerability assessments, and supporting security engineering
  • Supporting intrusion detection and analysis
  • Supporting forward looking plans
  • Supporting computer security incident response and management

We support your business in collecting, recording, and distributing network information, information systems, and critical infrastructure. We research, evaluate, assemble, install and maintain various intrusion detection sensors as well as associated software applications.

Our incident response team will provide round-the-clock support and response options, including providing incident response training to appropriate personnel.

Monitoring and Performance Management

Our approach always begins with assessing and optimizing the existing systems. Once we’ve completed our assessment, we consider if implementing ITIL, CMMI, PMI and other protocols would improve performance.

All of our optimization efforts are driven by the data we gather through performance monitoring. We take an agnostic approach to performance monitoring tools, focusing on analyzing, validating, and then integrating the right solution in a collaborative manner.

As we evaluate the potential optimizations, we look first at opportunities to add value. Often we’ll implement a new technology to address an automation gap or add in a new process to enhance performance. This continual monitoring and optimization ensures that we’re always adding value as part of our overall managed services contract.

Realizing Cost Savings

Moving to a managed services model offers a robust set of cost saving opportunities. Many companies realize cost savings by moving internal resources off the company’s payroll, saving on salary and benefits. They’re also able to reassign valuable IT personnel to more high-value positions.

Other benefits of managed services include reducing the need for multiple third-party vendors and delivering more value to the business by optimizing existing systems, cutting expenditures on consulting and upgrade projects.

Expertise Beyond The Team

As part of the larger Brunswick Group organization, our managed services teams can access our own subject matter experts when they need a specialist outside their core competencies. Our organization has deep expertise in fields ranging from data science and analytics to staffing and business process outsourcing. Having all these experts within our organization eliminates the need to bring in other third-party providers, preventing redundancies and excess cost.

Change Management

A critical piece of ensuring a smooth transition to managed services is creating a change management plan. Developed as part of the overall plan, our user adoption efforts include support for every person impacted by the changes.

We map out a comprehensive support plan that incorporates a clear communication strategy, training, and documentation for everyone involved in the project. By including the entire team in our change management initiatives, we are able to reinforce the project’s goals as well as the benefits it will deliver. Our method of communicating consistently and clearly from the start of the project drastically improves user adoption and overall project success rates.