IT and Security Managed Services Case Study

The Brunswick Group Transforms Support Services for BD Medical Supplies

Proactive Monitoring, 24/7 Access Among Key Improvements

After a successful migration of their SAP training environments to the Azure cloud, BD Medical Supplies contracted with The Brunswick Group to upgrade its support offerings through an IT and Security managed services contract.

Long-time partners with the medical supplies, devices, and technology company, the Brunswick Group provided Tier 1 and Tier 2 IT and Security support. The team expanded its services under the managed services model, implementing 24/7 on-site support.

In addition, the managed services team implemented proactive monitoring to optimize systems operations across the organization.

By moving to a managed services model, BD transformed its support within the organization. They reduced costs while improving user satisfaction and resolving issues faster. With the increased bandwidth, the internal BD resources were able to focus on more high-value projects within the company.

The Brunswick Group’s IT and Security Managed Services Process

In 2013, the TBG began its security operations management with BD. At that time, BD was undergoing a full enterprise application reimplementation of its ERP landscape and associated integrations, as well as a full infrastructure reengineering. In addition, BD Global Security began an initiative to fully upgrade, reimagine and reengineer its security practices, protocols, policies, procedures and platforms to improve its cybersecurity and overall security posture, preparedness and protections. TBG played a key partnership role to BD’s efforts to emerge from these efforts bolstered and strengthened overall.

The NIST, RMM, RMF and CSOC frameworks are the foundational guides upon which BD has built an structured all aspects of its IT and cybersecurity management program. As a strategic partner to BD, TBG ensured that NIST RMM, RMF and CSOC frameworks were integrated into every aspect of the management and operational layer for all processes. In addition, any internal methodologies leveraged by BD were informed by the RMF, RMM, NIST and CSOC frameworks to ensure the highest standard of compliance being followed.

Under the support program, the Brunswick Group team creates all incidents, assigns priorities, and resolves all Tier 1 and Tier 2 issues. Any complex issues are sent to the Tier 3 team of internal BD resources. The managed services can also access subject matter experts within The Brunswick Group organization for issue resolution, process improvement, and optimization.

This comprehensive approach to managed services has eliminated the need for multiple providers, cutting costs and avoiding any team overlap or confusion about ownership of issue resolution.

“They became the go-team for operational support,” said Hector Saavedra, Manager of Application Services at BD.

Under the managed services model, the on-site support team works three shifts to provide 24/7 service. Each shift is responsible for conducting checks to make sure all systems are functioning properly. This shift to proactive monitoring allows the team to respond immediately to any alerts or issues.

“Proactive monitoring has been the key to optimizing our operations,” Mr. Saavedra said.

With the move to 24/7 support, Saavedra has seen user satisfaction increase dramatically.

“Our users are very happy to have the ability to reach a person at any time of day or night to get help resolving issues. We’ve seen great improvements in user satisfaction,” Mr. Saavedra said.

  • Incereased user satisfaction
  • SLA Driven Service Level Management
  • 24/7 On-Shore Operations Management