RPO Case Study

The Brunswick Group Helps Ortho Clinical Diagnostics Staff Up IT After J&J Divestiture

Superior Candidates Reduce Personnel Needs By 20%

Recruiting Process Outsourcing Transformed OCD’s IT Staffing

By selecting highly skilled senior candidates, The Brunswick Group (TBG) was able to help Ortho Clinical Diagnostics reduce the number of personnel needed from 111 to 80. This 20% reduction not only allowed the company to staff up more quickly, they also saw significant cost savings.

“The type of IT talent The Brunswick Group brought us was just phenomenal,” said Everette Brown, Head of Talent Acquisition, North America, for Ortho Clinical Diagnostics. “We got top talent across all positions. The CIO and IT Leadership Team were very pleased with the caliber of talent.”

Brown credits the extensive screening process TBG used with delivering quality candidates for both director-level positions as well as manager-level and below.

“We just didn’t see that level of screening from any other vendor we worked with,” he said.

He also credited The Brunswick Group’s team with working seamlessly with his internal team. They met biweekly for interviews as the project started, allowing them to quickly identify the best candidates and make offers. “More than 65% of all positions are filled, and the project is on schedule,” Brown said.

Project Overview

Johnson & Johnson divested Ortho Clinical Diagnostics to The Carlyle Group in 2014. The company, a global provider of solutions for screening, diagnosing, monitoring, and confirming diseases, needed to staff up its own IT department, starting in early 2016. The company needed to fill 111 positions in the IT department, all within the New Jersey area.

Brown had worked with TBG on previous projects at Johnson & Johnson and knew he needed a strategic staffing partner for this project. TBG’s bid was not only competitive, but included a comprehensive scope of work, including GANTT charts outlining the responsibilities of The Brunswick Group team as well as the Ortho Clinical Diagnostics team.

The Ortho Clinical Diagnostics team interviewed two other vendors, but those vendors didn’t provide the flexibility or attention to detail required for the high-volume, technical staffing project.

“We have a very good partnership with The Brunswick Group. We worked with them on a massive amount of hires,” said Amee Shah, Senior Talent Acquisition Specialist at Ortho Clinical Diagnostics.

The Brunswick Group’s RPO Process

Erone Stewart, Recruiting Manager for The Brunswick Group, worked with Mr. Brown to identify the necessary skills for each of the 111 positions as well as the cultural fit that Ortho Clinical Diagnostics was looking for. The Brunswick Group starts every project with an in-depth interview with the hiring manager to go beyond the job description to get a full picture of the type of personality that’s most successful in the company. They also rely on their network to talk to current and former employees of their client for a comprehensive understanding of the company culture.

The Brunswick Group team finds not only the right technical skills but also the right personality and cultural fit. Taking this extra step ensures that the candidates referred by The Brunswick Group are more likely to be successful long-term employees.

With Ortho Clinical Diagnostics ramping up their entire IT department, The Brunswick Group RPO team, led by Mr. Stewart, needed to find innovative thinkers who were looking for an organization that they could help shape. He worked with executives in HR and IT at Ortho Clinical Diagnostics to craft a message that attracted highly skilled IT professionals who wanted the freedom to put together industry-leading systems and processes that would define IT and its role in the business. That opportunity, combined with the stellar reputation Johnson & Johnson holds in New Jersey, made for an appealing hiring message.

The Brunswick Group RPO team used a multi-pronged approach to source candidates, speeding up the recruiting process and identifying the best candidates the market had to offer.

TBG’s RPO team heavily leveraged its internal database, proprietary ATS, and social media platforms to find the talent Ortho Clinical Diagnostics was looking for. They also accessed TBG’s network of past and current candidates to find IT professionals for the wide range of technical, managerial, executive, and C-level roles that Ortho Clinical Diagnostics needed. “The Brunswick Group’s core strength lies in its ability to tap into its network to identify candidates rapidly,” Stewart said.

TBG stays in touch with the candidates they have placed successfully and asks them about the highly skilled colleagues and peers at their former place of business who may also be in the market for new positions.

With Ortho Clinical Diagnostics looking to staff up an entire department, the TBG RPO team needed to submit a high volume of thoroughly vetted candidates. The Brunswick Group’s team follows a comprehensive, three-level screening process to identify, qualify, and prepare candidates before they interview with the client.

“As a hiring manager, you have limited time, and interviews can be very time-consuming. Why talk to the fifth-best candidate when you can start with the best candidate? Our scoring lets you see where each candidate is the strongest—whether it’s communication, technical skills, or leadership,” Stewart said.

  • Helped reduce personnel need by 20%
“They became the go-team for oprational support.”
Hector Saavedra
Manager of Application
Services at BD
“They became the go-team for oprational support.”
Hector Saavedra
Manager of Application
Services at BD